New year

Posted on Saturday, January 04 2014
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I'm wishing everyone a happy new year and hopefully 2014 will be another joyful and prosperous year for us.

Too lazy to do any proper front-end updates but rest assured I'm currently working on some back-end stuff.


ok, toodles~

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Looking for a redesign

Posted on Tuesday, February 26 2013
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Hello and happy new year. This is the first update on this blog for 2013. Sorry for the lack of updates as I sincerely have no idea what to blog about here. I have tried installing Linkwithin on the blog but so far I have been unsuccessful.

I am considering a makeover for the site but I just don't have the time to do it so if anyone is willing to take up the task to re-design the layout I'd be more than happy to award you with monetary compensation for your time and effort. Mind that I cannot offer you more than USD$25 (via PayPal) but in addition to this, I can advertise your blog/website for free on ANY of my websites. This is optional, but if possible do provide links to your previous works.

The blog is powered by a homegrown, custom-built and lightweight blogging platform, coded with HTML, CSS and PHP. The main templates files are: header.php, index.php, single.php, sidebar.php and footer.php.

I'm not entirely sure what kind of design I'm going for so I'm open to ideas and suggestions. :)

To interested individuals, feel free to email me at kitty(at) for more details.

I have also set up a new blog dedicated for cute and chic things, so please check it out. :)

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Spam protection

Posted on Wednesday, September 12 2012
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Added a simple spam protection script to the website. Nothing fancy, just one of your basic math-based protection.

Will be working on some scripts later on.

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